Born and raised in Co Antrim, Emma McNeilly grew up inspired by the rare beauty of the Northern Irish countryside. Its colours and shapes influenced her early concepts, but she soon found herself hungry for a deeper understanding of design and manufacture.

She looked initially at how people connect with the spaces in which they live. Her first step in this direction came while developing on-the-floor concepts for leading lifestyle store Dekko. She then moved to international luxury kitchen specialist Hayburn & Co. There she learnt about the beauty of handcrafted bespoke joinery and how even the tiniest item can affect the overall aesthetic of a room. With this grounding, she quickly identified that there was a gap for a bespoke consultancy that delivered an individual client-driven service and so Mack Design came to be.  

At the heart of the company is her belief that each project is a partnership; working closely with her clients to understand their wants and desires in transforming the idea of a house into the reality of a home. 

In doing so she aims to close the gap between architecture and interior design, anticipating the small headaches that can lead to big problems before they happen. To do this she consults with architects and other professionals during the process to maintain the authenticity of the client’s vision.

Constantly learning is also essential to the Mack Design ethos. Emma travels the globe researching the latest interior design, kitchen and material trends to ensure her clients consider all the possibilities at each stage of the process.

She’s equally happy working on a small boutique consultancy basis as well as overseeing larger longer commissions, where she curates everything from the art hanging on the walls to the design of each piece of furniture. Her warm smile, clear vision and pragmatic planning on site ensure that her projects run smoothly and to time.

Emma understands the importance of a flexible approach and delivering on her promises. She specialises in the placement of things. It is her talent at looking at a space and seeing its possibilities that makes Mack Design such a vibrant and exciting design consultancy. 


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